Our Products:

IGD is an approved Afrox Supplier and, as such, products offered include Industrial Gases, LPG, Welding Consumables, safety Equipment and safety clothing.

Industrial Gases:

We offer gases e.g. Oxygen, Acetylene, Argon and Co2. Gases used for medical use are also available e.g. Medical Oxygen.


Liquid Petroleum Gas is available in cylinders ranging from 9kg to 48kg. IGD also stocks Gas for forklift trucks. We only stock LPG, with the red safety seal.

Welding Consumables

IDG stock a wide range of welding electrodes, wire and welding products. Staff constantly monitor the costs of local versus imported goods to ensure that the customer gets the best deal


IGD stock and distribute the full range of Afrox welding and safety accessories. We also stock a comprehensive range of imported products, sourced from local suppliers. Goods include grinding discs, gloves, safety glasses, chipping hammers and electrode holders. In order to ensure the best quality at competitive prices, price lists are evaluated regularly to include monthly special offers. 

Welding Machines

IGD will source welding machines and other industrial machinery on request.


We have recently added fasteners to our range, any size and any type, and are busy launching a range of power tools and drill bits. 


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