An odourless, colourless, non-toxic, non-flammable gas. Supplied as a high pressure liquefiable gas in metal cylinders. Afrox MSDS no. 994-324


  • Welding grade CO2 is a general purpose shielding gas for steel sections and plate. Used primarily for short arc welding of mild steels with all diameters of solid steel MIG wire and fluxcored gas shielded wires.
  • Industrial grade CO2 is used as an inert atmosphere for many industrial applications, e.g. prevention of oxidation, conveying flammable materials.
  • Some applications for compressed CO2 include: beer dispensing, post-mix soft drink dispensing, shielded arc welding, sparging, foundry sand mould curing, fire fighting (fire extinguishers), gas atmosphere for preservation of packaged foods, animal immobilisation.
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